Exotic Species

The Society for the Study of Reproduction is pleased to share that it has recently launched a new committee, the SSR Virtual Education Committee (SSR-VE). The goal of the SSR-VE is to develop a virtual program that will promote exemplary research in reproductive biology and development, aid in education, bring technology updates, and the latest key discoveries to SSR membership and beyond. 

The committee is excited to launch its first initiative with the Reproduction in Exotic Species Webinar Series that will be offered weekly in January and February 2021. 

*Please note: Registration for these webinars will close at 9:00AM EST the day of the webinar

"From Worm to Germ: Germ Cell Development and Regeneration in Planarians"

  • Phil Newmark (speaker) and Erika Matunis (moderator)
  • Please check back for the on-demand recording 

"Evolution of 3D Regulatory Landscapes: Intersexuality in Female Moles"

  • Pierre Commizoli (moderator) and Dario Lupianez (speaker)
  • Please check back for the on-demand recording 

Marsupial reproduction: Lessons from the Pouch

Title TBD - Topic: Fish

Title TBD - Topic: Reptiles

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*While this series is free for all members, if you are not a member, you must "create a new account" on the next screen to complete and pay for your registration. If you are experiencing issues, please contact us at membership@ssr.org. 

Non-Member Registration $20.00
Trainee Non-Member Registration $10.00