Meet the WinRs: Şule Doğan, PhD

Laboratory Director at IVF Michigan Fertility Clinics

What is your background/current position and what does it entail?

A native of Turkey, I completed my BS in Biology from Ankara University and MSc in Embryology from DokuzEylul University in Turkey. After completing my Andrology and Embryology training, I was then selected for a doctoral research assistantship position at Mississippi State University’s Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences in 2010. I joined IVF Michigan Fertility Centers as an embryologist in May 2013, then became Quality control and lab supervisor in 2015 and finally the laboratory director in 2019. I am in charge of Andrology, Embryology and Hormone labs in seven locations of IVF Michigan.

What impact has being quarantined had on your daily activities and position?

We usually interact with patients for their infertility problems such as semen analysis, artificial insemination and other assisted reproductive technologies in our clinics. We ceased patient interaction immediately and started telehealth services for two months.

What strategies have you adopted in order to create a new "normal" for your daily activities and position?

We have started using face masks at all the time. This has become our new “normal”. Since I always wear in the lab, this does not bother me that much.

Have you gained any valuable lessons from being in quarantine?

Yes, I absolutely. Human interaction is key.

What expectations have you had to let go or remove from your daily activities and position?

I have missed working closely to my clinical team. Due to social distancing I get nervous while working with others in the lab.

How have you stayed connected with friends and family during this time?

Via zoom and FaceTime, I get connected to everyone.

What will you do differently once you return to your position?

We have already started seeing patients in a slow pace and we applied all necessary health precautions to our daily routine according to CDC, FDA and state regulations.

What are you most excited to do once the pandemic has cleared?

I personally love traveling and I definitely will be going somewhere warm once the pandemic ends.

How has being a woman in science affected your experiences and/or position during quarantine?

I think that being a woman had no negative effect in this case. The virus is not sexist and it affects everyone equally. 

What words of inspiration would you like to share to other women in science and the future generation of women in science?

No matter how hard it is, do not get discouraged. You will certainly prevail in the end.