Trainee Events

Hello from the Trainee Affairs Committee!

The 53rd Annual Meeting is just around the corner in Ottawa, Canada! We hope that you have submitted your best work and have applied to Trainee awards and grants that are available for the meeting. The TAC has put together a number of Trainee-specific events (detailed below) for you to take full advantage of all that the meeting has to offer.

Meeting Registration

Trainee registration is highly subsidized by SSR and we strongly suggest you to take advantage of Early-Bird Registration.

Trainee Volunteers Needed

You can help make SSR 2020 a success! We are currently looking for trainees to volunteer their time during the 2020 meeting to work behind-the-scenes and help with the day-to-day running of the meeting! Volunteering is a great way to expand your personal and professional networks, enhance your soft skills, and learn about the inner workings of the Society.  Volunteering requiring only a minimal time commitment, we ask for at least one 2-hour shift but you’re always welcome to sign up for more. You can choose from a variety of activities to find those that most interest you. Volunteer options include;

  • Greeting meeting attendees at the registration desk
  • Collecting tickets at special events
  • Helping presenters upload their presentations
  • Placing signage around the meeting venue
  • Attending specified symposia and acting as liaison should facilities services, or IT be required

Volunteering is all about what you make it; this is an excellent opportunity to get involved in the society with minimum commitment and a great introduction to what some of the more intensive positions entail should you want more involvement in future. Please keep an eye out for a call for session co-chairs and trainee hosts. All volunteers will receive a free SSR 2020 t-shirt, designed by our own talented Trainee, Katie Chiang! Interested trainees should check the ‘Volunteer’ box on their registration form, or if you have already registered, please contact the Trainee Volunteer Subcommittee Chair & Co-Chair, Liliya Gabelev and David Landry. At this time, we are only asking that you indicate interest. Liliya and David will contact everyone who responds closer to the meeting so you can choose the specific volunteer tasks you would like to be involved in!

Trainee Mixer
(Cost 25$) This is for Trainees only (no guests). Come to the mixer to network with other trainees, investigators, and like-minded peers on July 8th from 6:15 - 7:30 pm before the SSR Annual Conference begins. Light refreshments will be provided.

Fun Run 5k

Don’t forget to sign up for the along the scenic Shaw Centre Trail! The TAC has set up a support Trainee Travel – you do not need to run to donate! Donate Now!

  • When? Sunday July 12 from 6AM-8AM
  • Where? Meet at the front of the Westin Hotel
  • How much? Registration is $30
  • What do I get? Registration includes a T-shirt and the endless personal satisfaction of completing an athletic feat

Trainee Forum

The Trainee Forum is scheduled on Thursday, July 9 from 10:00AM-11:45AM and will be titled, “Searching, Applying, Interviewing, and Negotiating for Your First Job”, consisting of four speakers, each with varying experience from academia, industry, and government. This year’s Trainee Forum will consist of a brief introduction by each panel member followed by a question and answer session from trainees.

Trainee Grant Workshop:

NIH and CIHR Support for Typical and Non-typical Career Trajectories: Getting To Where You Want to Be

This session will explore NIH and CIHR funding mechanisms in support of the typical post-doc to faculty pathway, as well as other types of post-post-doc career trajectories, and how NIH or CIHR support can factor in. It will be held on Thursday, July 9 from 12:30PM-2:30PM. This event will be available for trainee meeting attendees only and there is a $10 registration fee to cover refreshments.

Trainee - Diversity Lunch
(Cost $25)
Saturday, 11 July, 12:00-1:15 PM

Progressive Lunch with Industry

Friday, 10 July, 12:00-1:15 PM. Meet with industry representatives and learn more about what skills they are looking for in this unique setting. Trainees will join one industry representatives for each course in a 3-course meal. By the end of this lunch, each attendee will have met with 3 industry representatives. The cost for the lunch is $25. This is for Trainees only (no guests).

Trainee Mentor Luncheon

The Trainee-Mentor Luncheon (TML) for the 2020 SSR Annual Meeting will focus on mentors from academia, editorial staff, clinicians, funding agency representatives, and embryologists. This event is an excellent way to network with your fellow trainees and mentors from SSR and in reproductive biology careers in a casual setting. The TML will be Sunday, July 12 from 12:00PM-1:15PM. Coordinators, Alison Ermisch and Carolina Gonzalez-Berrios, have been recruiting mentors from academia, editorial staff, clinicians, funding agency representatives, and embryologists. We will cap the number of trainees at 150 and work to encourage productive discussions. Please remember to sign up for the event when you register for the meeting! If you have not signed up during registration, please contact Ronald Phan at  Tickets for the luncheon are $25. For more information about the event and Mentor biographies visit the Trainee Mentor Luncheon site on the SSR webpage.

Career Consultation Center

This year’s CCC coordinator is  Arpita Bhurke (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), who has put together a diverse and impressive list of mentors. The CCC will be run concurrent with the poster sessions from July 9-11, 8:00AM-10:15AM. Trainees will be able to schedule a brief (30 minute) one-on-one with a mentor of their choice (space-permitting) to discuss any career related subject, including resume review, choosing the next career steps, the funding application process, work-life balance, or visa/green card process advice. Interested trainees should contact Arpita Bhurke for further questions or to reserve an appointment. Mentor bios will be posted on the website soon. Space is limited. Get in early to secure your spot!

Roommate Referral Service

The SSR Roommate Referral Service is now up and running! If you are interested in sharing the cost of a hotel room for the 2020 Annual Meeting, please fill out the Roommate Referral Application Form and email to .  The Roommate Referral Service Coordinator, Taylor Pini (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine), will manage this service for the Ottawa meeting, and will do her best to find a suitable roommate for you. The deadline for submissions to the Roommate Referral Service is Monday, 10 June 2020.