Annual Meeting

SSR 2020 Annual Meeting

SSR 53nd Annual Meeting

Reproductive Biology: Solutions for Adult Disease
July 9-12, 2020 | Shaw Centre | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Leading Scientists
will present cutting edge science on: 

  • In utero placental stressors and offspring health

  • In vitro folliculogenesis

  • Using stem cells to understand reproductive biology

  • Embryogenesis and Implantation

  • Uterine transplantation

  • Gene editing for fertility success

  • Sex determination

  • Inclusivity in STEM

Pre-Meeting Ovarian Workshop: Developmental Origins of Ovarian Diseases

Wednesday, 8 July, 1:00-4:30PM
Session I: Ovarian Genesis and Its Consequences

Thursday, 9 July, 8:00AM-12:15PM
Session II: Developing Ovary: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Determinants of Ovarian Health

Focus Sessions will include a diversity of model systems  examining common themes across reproductive fields to enhance collaboration and idea sharing.

Focus on Trainees- Several events which will allow trainees to network with representatives from industries to provide more opportunities for their career paths.

The Heritage Lecture- The Heritage Committee is working to bring several illustrious scientists of note to light during oral sessions, in the journal Biology of Reproduction and on the SSR Website.