Annual Meeting

General Information

SSR provides this information as a courtesy to meeting attendees. SSR does not represent that this information is complete and makes no claim regarding the performance or suitability of these services, nor assumes any liability.

Cell Phones
Cell phones must be turned off or silenced during presentations. Thank you for your cooperation.

Currency Exchange
Foreign Currency Exchange (tel. 408-288-8118) is available at SJC Airport in:

  1. Terminal A, at baggage claim
  2. International building, post-security departures area (across from gate 15)

Additionally, Bank ATMs are prevalent throughout San Jose should you wish to use your bank card or credit card.

Climate (Average Temp. in San Jose)


High °C

High °F

Low °C

Low °F






For police, fire, or ambulance, dial 911 (the call is free).

Personal liability insurance is the responsibility of each individual meeting participant. Participants should have their own medical coverage.

Free wireless internet is available in all guest rooms.

Medical Services
This information is provided as a courtesy to meeting attendees; SSR makes no claim regarding the quality of these services, nor assumes any liability.

Phone Calls
Mobile phone and texting service in San Jose is good (all the larger carriers provide excellent coverage), but you may want to consider buying an inexpensive, no-contract phone locally. Make sure to compare sign-on offers, roaming and data use charges, usage requirements, and limitations. Of course, if you have Internet service, you can make free international calls or your devices with Skype, Viber and Vonage. International calling cards are also an option.

Photography and Video
Photographs or video of posters or other presentations is not permitted by anyone other than approved SSR staff.

Plug Adapters
The United States uses 110 to 120 volts AC (60 cycles). Chances are you’ll need an American plug adapter to power and charge your phone, tablet, laptop, camera, razor, electric toothbrush and other electronics while in San Jose. Universal plug adapters that work in more than 150 countries are available online.

Press Relations and News Coverage
The Society encourages news coverage of the meeting and will assist participants and the media in reporting current research discoveries in the reproductive sciences. Prior to the meeting, questions should be addressed to the SSR Business Office (; 608-256-2777). Journalists must check-in at the SSR Registration Desk and present their credentials to receive a press pass.​

Sales Tax
The combined sales tax rate for California is 7.25%. This is the total of state, county and city sales tax rates. This rate is made up of 6.00% state sales tax rate and an additional 1.25% local rate. 

Smoking Ordinance
Under the ordinance, smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor common areas of apartment communities except in a designated smoking area. Common areas are those spaces which are open to the public or to unrestricted access by residents including: community rooms and playgrounds, gym facilities and swimming pool areas, parking garages and parking lots, shared restrooms, shared laundry rooms, shared cooking areas, and shared eating areas.

Special Needs
To ensure that all attendees are able to participate in the meeting, SSR will do its best to accommodate any attendee who needs assistance. Please contact the SSR Business Office (; 608-256-2777) prior to the meeting if you require special dietary or physical accommodations at the meeting, or if you require assistance getting to or from sessions/events.

Time Zone
San Jose is in the Pacific Time Zone (PST), which is 9 hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time.

See the 2019 Travel and Transportation page.

U.S. Customs
For details and information on what you’re allowed to bring home, consult your home country’s customs services agency. In the U.S., direct questions to or call 877-227-5511.