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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Ovarian Workshop: Developmental Origins of Ovarian Diseases
Session I: Ovarian Genesis and its Consequences

Moderators: Aileen Keating, Kutluk Oktay, Aleksandar Rajkovic
(Pre-Meeting; Requires Separate Registration)

Agricultural Applications Symposia: Novel Reproductive Biology Investigations in Domestic Livestock
(Pre-Meeting; Requires Separate Registration)

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Ovarian Workshop: Developmental Origins of Ovarian Diseases
Session II: Developing Ovary: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Determinants of Ovarian Health

Moderator: Aileen Keating, Kutluk Oktay, Aleksandar Rajkovic
(Pre-Meeting; Requires Separate Registration)

Trainee Forum

Opening Ceremony and Welcome:
     Keynote Lecture:

     Kent Thornburg, PhD 
     Oregon Health and Science University
     "The Placenta as a Conduit for Offspring Health and Disease"

     Biology of Reproduction Top Research Article Award

     SSR New Investigator Award

     Janice Bahr Junior Scientist Travel Award

     Fuller W. Bazer SSR International Scientist Award

     Burroughs Wellcome Travel Fellowships

     Trainee Travel Awards

     SSR Best International Abstracts

    Anita Payne Scholarship

    Gates Foundation - SSR Scholarship

    USDA NIFA AFRI Merit Awards

Opening Reception

Friday, July 10, 2020

Poster Session A and Breakfast

AM Focus Sessions and Flash Talks:

Session 1: Male Gametes in The Age of Precision Agriculture

Session 2: CHA Health Systems Symposium: Prenatal Programming from Different Perspectives

Session 3: Dr. Milton K.H.Leong Session: Immune Response to Infection in the Male Reproductive Tract

Session 4: The Placenta: Development and Functional Significance 

Session 5: Anita Payne Session: Corpus Luteum Development

PM Focus Sessions and Flash Talks:

Session 6: New Technologies and Their Application to Reproductive Sciences

Session 7: Steroid Hormones and Nuclear Receptor Actions

Session 8: CRISPR in Animal Models

Session 9: Sperm Capacitation and The Fertilization Process

Session 10: -Dr. Kwang Yul Cha Symposium on Regenerative Medicine: Reproductive Potential of Stem Cells

Plenary Session 

     President's Symposium I, Diversity Keynote:

     Kathryn Clancy, PhD
     University of Illinois 
     "Chromatin Landscapes and Sex Determination, And the Storm of Genome            Edited Babies"

     Diversity Panel

     Carl G. Hartman Award

     Heritage Awardee Talk

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Poster Session B and Breakfast

Trainee Research Award - Post- Doctoral Platform Competition 

PM Focus Sessions:

Session 11: William Hansel Ovarian Biology Symposium: Pathways Controlling Folliculogenesis

Session 12: Testis Development and Function

Session 13: SRI-SSR Symposium: Maternal Effects on Reproductive Efficiency

Session 14: Cell Fate and Embryo Quality in Early Development

Session 15: Trainee Research Award: Pre- Doctoral Platform Competition 

Plenary Session II:

     President Symposium II 

     Robin Lovell- Badge,  CBE, FRS FMedSc 
     The Francis Crick
     "Chromatin Landscapes and Sex Determination, And the Storm of Genome           Edited Babies"

     SSR Research Award

     SSR Jansen Distinguished Leadership and Service Award

     Gates Foundation Poster Award

     Lalor Foundation Merit Awards

     State of the Art I 

     Giuliano Testa, MD, FACS, MBA
     Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas
"Uterus Transplantation As A Solution to Absolute Uterine Infertility"

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Fun Run

Poster Session C and Breakfast

AM Focus Sessions:

Session 16: Fertility as a Marker of Overall Heath

Session 17: Translational Medicine in Action

Session 18: MCI Session: Novel Methods of Contraception

Session 19: Gene editing: Technology, Ethics and Controversies

Session 20: Reproductive Cancers

PM Focus Sessions:

Session 21: Growing Tissues and Organs in Vitro

Session 22: The John J. Eppig Session: Components of Oocyte Quality

Session 23: The Virendra B. Mahesh Neuroendocrine Session 

Session 24: Endometrial Physiology and Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy

Session 25: Environmental Endocrine Disruptors: From the Brain to the Gonad

Plenary Session III:

     State of the Art II

     Nicolas Rivron, MSc, PhD 
     Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Austrian Academy of Science
     "Blastoids: Modelling the Mouse Conceptus and In Utero Implantation Using          Stem Cells"

     SSR Trainee Mentor Award

     SSR Trainee Research Awards: 

President Symposium III  

     Evelyn Telfer, PhD 
     University of Edinburgh 
     "New Developments in Human in Vitro Folliculogenesis"

Closing Ceremonies:

    SSR Business Meeting
Closing Party