Change of Membership Status

All current members who wish to change their Membership type must submit a Change-of-Status form.

Trainee Members

When a Trainee Member either newly qualifies for Regular Membership or no longer qualifies for Trainee status, he/she may apply for Regular or Associate Membership. Learn about the different membership types »

Emeritus Members

The Society's Emeritus Members are a source of wisdom and intellectual vitality. Any member of SSR with a minimum of ten years' Regular Membership in the Society, and who is retired or about to retire, is invited to become an Emeritus Member. 

  • Must have at least 10 years of Regular Membership in the Society,
  • Must be >65 years old
  • Must be working at no more than 25% as attested by letter/email from current/former Institutional leadership.

All requests for Emeritus Membership should be sent to the

Membership Types

Learn more about our 6 different memberships types.

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