SSR Awards

Trainee Mentoring Award

This award recognizes an SSR member who as a mentor has had a significant impact on Trainees within the SSR. The Trainee Mentoring Award will be presented each year at the SSR Annual Meeting to an SSR member who has consistently demonstrated a measure of support and guidance to Trainees that far exceeds the basic responsibilities required of an academic advisor. An individual may receive this award only once. Candidates must be nominated by Regular and/or Trainee members of SSR who were significantly influenced by the nominee. Nominations must include a one-page objective summary highlighting the candidate’s contributions to trainees in SSR and no more than four additional letters of support demonstrating how this candidate is an outstanding mentor. View procedures for guidelines regarding the length of the nomination and supporting letters. Letters of nomination should specifically address each of the criteria for this award, as described below. 


The Trainee Mentoring Award is supported by SSR's Trainee Mentoring Fund.

Criteria for the Trainee Mentoring award are as follows:

  1.  Outstanding service as a mentor: the nominee has exceeded the basic roles of an academic advisor, becoming a mentor to those with whom they interact.
  2. Knowledge of the discipline: the nominee has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge and passion for reproductive biology and its implications in the broader world of scientific research, which significantly shapes intellectual interactions with trainees.
  3. Scope of mentorship: the mentoring may be concentrated in the classroom, laboratory, or in the field. The number of Trainees who have been mentored by the nominated individual will be considered, with special attention given to the mentorship of Trainees who have subsequently made an impact in reproductive biology.
  4. Other activities: selfless service as a teacher and trusted mentor to undergraduate, graduate, and/or post-doctoral Trainees in reproductive biology; instruction inside or out of the classroom with a passion that is passed on to those mentored; evidence that the nominee has significantly enhanced the careers and potential for success in advisees.

Submit a Nomination 
The nominations Deadline is August 15th, 2021.  Send nominating materials to: Dr. Melissa Pepling, Chair, SSR Awards Committee, e-mail:  by August 15th, 2021.

View the procedures for guidelines regarding the length of the nomination and supporting letters. 

Please send all nomination materials in a single, consolidated PDF file in the order specified above with the file name format AWARDEE NAME_2022_AWARD NAME, if possible. The preferred method is e-mail to facilitate prompt review by the entire Awards Committee, but please contact Dr. Pepling by email if you must send any nomination documents via a different means.


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