SSR Awards

Fuller W. Bazer SSR International Scientist Award

The Fuller W. Bazer SSR International Scientist Award Fund was established in 2017 to support an award presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction which recognizes outstanding accomplishments in research and research training by a reproductive scientist working outside of North America, as follows:


  • The nominee must be an outstanding International Scientist who has consistently demonstrated excellence in research in reproductive sciences and graduate education at an institution outside of North America.
  • An individual must demonstrate outstanding potential for leading and directing scientific research in reproductive sciences overseas.

Application Components to be sent by the Nominator:

  1. One nomination letter (max 4 pages) and up to two recommendation letters (max 2 pages each) from members of the SSR.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (maximum of 3 pages)

Submit a Nomination:

Send nominating materials, by 15 October 2019, to: Dr. Vargheese Chennathukuzhi, Chair, SSR Awards Committee, e-mail:

All materials must be submitted in a single, consolidated PDF file in the order specified above with the file name format AWARDEE NAME_2020_AWARD NAME, if possible. The preferred method is e-mail to facilitate prompt review by the entire Awards Committee, but please contact Dr. Chennathukuzhi by email if you must send any nomination documents via a different means.