SSR Awards

Carl G. Hartman Award

This, the Society's highest award, is given in recognition of a research career and scholarly activities in the field of reproductive biology. The nominee does not have to be a member of the Society and must be living at the time of the nomination deadline.


The Carl G. Hartman Award is supported by the SSR.

Award Criteria


  1. Originality
    1. Pioneered in the development of novel and significant areas of knowledge, including the development of creative and innovative hypotheses.
    2. Developed new knowledge in a creative manner and with independent insight.
    3. Created new knowledge to expand the understanding of reproductive biology and/or extended the application of knowledge to technology.
  2. Experimental Practices
    1. Developed new and superior experimental methodologies.
    2. Formulated experimental designs that enabled the derivation of unambiguous conclusions.
    3. Conveyed research results to the scientific community with clarity through timely presentation at scientific meetings and by publication in high-quality journals.
  3. Leadership
    1. Provided essential contributions in team research endeavors.
    2. Recognized as an innovator and scholar by peers as evidenced by other scientific awards and invitations to participate in scholarly activities, such as symposia.
    3. Shared research experience willingly and unselfishly with the scientific community through activities, such as providing expert advice, sharing new techniques, or providing unique reagents.

Other Activities

The nominee, through leadership and innovation, provided substantive and significant contributions to reproductive biology in one or more of the following activities:

  • Teaching
  • Mentoring of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, or interns
  • Application of experimental results to the benefit of society
  • Administration or management in universities, government, industry, or other organizations
  • Membership with active participation in SSR or other professional societies and their activities (See SSR's Service List)
  • Participation in regional, national, or international review or advisory committees and panels
  • Editorships and other activities related to scholarly publications

Submit a Nomination

To nominate an SSR member for the Carl G. Hartman award, please see the instructions on the Awards Nominations page.