Over the past decade, there has been increasing discourse and engagement about the challenges of being a woman in STEM. SSR members and leaders, recognized the specific challenges faced by women in reproductive sciences and “Women in Reproductive Sciences” (WinRS) was born! WinRS was first established as a Diversity subcommittee in 2015 by Drs. Kate Loveland and Annie Newell-Fugate. In 2020, Dr. Karen Schindler and Heather Fice were at the lead when WinRS became an ad hoc committee.

The goal of this committee is  to support the development and advancement of all women and gender diverse members in the SSR. Increasing commentary and debate on gender disparities in science have identified several challenges facing women seeking a professional career in academia. These challenges include unequal hiring practices, disparity in earnings, and biases in grant funding and publishing; these challenges have only been amplified from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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WinRS is an initiative within SSR to support the professional development and advancement of all women and gender diverse members within the Society. WinRS members have established a Facebook page and Twitter presence in addition to sharing intersectional ideas and publications related to the unique issues faced by women and gender diverse people in academic and medical disciplines. Active committee members have engaged in nominating women for SSR Awards, as well as Board and Executive positions. We are open to members of all genders, and we hope that you’ll join our Community Page “Women In Reproductive Sciences” for discussion and updates on what we’re up to!

 Women In Reproductive Sciences





WinRS Open Forum  

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WinRS Steering Committee   

  • Karen Schindler (Co-Chair)
  • Heather Fice (Co-Chair)
  • Lisa Akison
  • Olga Bolden-Tiller
  • Zeliann Craig
  • Arunika Das
  • Niamh Forde
  • Kathryn Grive
  • Kanako Hayashi
  • Katherine Loveland
  • Margaret Petroff

WinRS SubCommittees    

WinRS Nominations Subcommittee Members

  • Karen Schindler
  • Heather Fice
  • Christian Bellissimo
  • Miranda Bernhardt
  • Arunika Das
  • Chris Geyer
  • Kathryn Grive
  • Angela Gonella Diaza
  • Becky Robker
  • Virgina Savy
  • Xiaoqin Ye

WinRS Social Media Subcommittee 

  • Heather Fice
  • Niamh Forde
  • Kathryn Grive