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SSR Committees

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee, composed of five or more Members of the Society, shall encourage nominations of worthy persons for Society Awards, annually select a recipient for each award, and recognize the recipient at an appropriate event during the Annual Meeting. Any active Member may make nominations for the awards according to the guidelines published annually. The awards are made solely to recognize outstanding contributions to the reproductive sciences and bear no obligation to the recipient or to the donor. 


2023-2024 Awards Committee Members

  • Patrick Hannon, Chair
  • James MacLean, Associate Chair
  • Melissa Pepling, Past Chair
  • Alan Ealy
  • Randy Armant
  • Kahina  Boukherroub
  • Michelle Denomme Tignanelli
  • Yuan Wang
  • Matthew  Wheeler
  • Emilia  Przygrodzka
  • Constantine Simintiras
  • Warren Nothnick
  • Peggy Petroff
  • Stephen Renaud
  • Ken Roberts
  • Sarah Moorey
  • Raj Kumar, Board Liaison

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee, composed of three or more Members of the Society, shall analyze the appropriateness of the Bylaws and assess problems and conflicts which arise between recommendations and/or practices of the Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the Society. It shall recommend alterations or repeal of existing Bylaws and propose new Bylaws for consideration by the Board of Directors.


2023-2024 Bylaws Committee Members

  • April Binder, Chair
  • Ahmed  Balboula, Associate Chair
  • Mark Mirando
  • Sarah Bacon
  • Susan Suarez
  • Alex Evans
  • Jennifer Garrison
  • Leah Simon, Trainee Rep
  • Cecilia Constantino Rocha, Trainee Rep
  • Julie Kim, Board Liaison

Development Committee

The Development Committee is charged with the responsibility of raising funds to support the programs and activities of the Society. The current Local Arrangements Committee Chair is an ex officio member of the Committee. The Committee and its Subcommittees (Legacy and Industrial Relations) coordinate and implement efforts to raise funds targeted to the Annual Meeting, the Journal, and to the Society's Endowment Fund. The Committee also serves as liaison for bequests to the Society.


2023-2024 Development Committee Members

  • Pete Sutovsky, Chair
  • Diane Duffy, Associate Chair
  • Ky Pohler, Past Chair
  • Jeremy Block
  • Vargheese Chennathukuzhi
  • Kathryn Grive
  • Fuhua Xu
  • Martin Matzuk
  • Margareta Pisarska
  • Bernard Robaire
  • Ben Tsang
  • Pat Lornigan
  • Bart Gadella
  • Karl Kerns
  • Mariana Sponchiado, Trainee Rep
  • Mary Ali Oliver, Trainee Rep
  • Mellissa Mann, Board Liaison

Diversity Committee (formerly Minority Affairs)

The Diversity Committee, composed of five or more Members of the Society, shall work to enhance participation by minorities in the Society and in the field of reproductive sciences. Minorities shall be defined as underrepresented groups including, but not limited to, members of racial and ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities. The Committee shall report on the status of minorities in the Society to the Board of Directors. The Chair shall work with the Chairs of the Membership, Program, Nominating, Awards, and Education Committees, with the appropriate ad hoc Committee Chairs, and with Society Officers to enhance participation of minorities in Society activities including participation on Committees.

The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to provide a mechanism for communication between members of the Diversity Committee and the SSR members who self-identify as underrepresented; to facilitate access to resources available to underrepresented members of SSR; and to provide a physical resource where issues of concern to underrepresented members of SSR can be raised for discussion.

Visit the Diversity Committee Website 


2023-2024 Diversity Committee Members

  • Angela Gonella Diaza, Chair
  • Dawit Tesfayi, Associate Chair
  • Mario  Binelli
  • Celina Checura
  • Klemnetina Fon Tracer
  • Gloria Regisford
  • So-Yuun Kim
  • Kamilah Grant
  • Lei Lei
  • John  Odhiambo
  • Arin Oestreich
  • Huanyu (Joe) Qiao
  • Zhibing Zhang
  • Shameka Thomas
  • Amy Flowers, Trainee Rep
  • Ryan Marquardt, Trainee Rep
  • Francesca Duncan, Board Liaison

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. The members include the President, Past President, Vice President, Vice President-Elect, Secretary, and the Executive Director. The role of the Finance Committee is to provide a preliminary examination of the annual budget, to include items such as the publications budget and Annual Meeting expenditures. In addition, the Finance Committee considers the SSR endowment, investments, and investment strategy. Recommendations are then made to the Board of Directors. The overall goal is to maintain the financial health of the Society.


2023-2024 Finance Committee Members

  • Lane Christenson, Treasurer (Chair)
  • Blanche  Capel, President
  • Jennifer Wood, Vice President
  • Troy  Ott, Past President
  • Melissa Mann, VP- Elect
  • Jodi  Flaws, Secretary
  • Julie Utano, Executive Director (ex officio)

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee is responsible for developing a program that will educate young scientists about the historical perspectives relevant to current research in reproductive biology. The Heritage Committee also creates/defines an activity in the program of the Annual Meeting specifically designed for Emeritus members that will serve as an incentive for their attendance.

SSR Memorials
Memorials are given for SSR members who have been recognized by their peers for their contributions to the field of reproductive biology.


2023-2024 Heritage Committee Members

  • John Parrish, Chair
  • Gregory  Johnson, Associate Chair
  • Thomas Bonagura
  • Tracy  Davis
  • Doug Stocco
  • Erwin  Goldberg, Emeritus Member
  • Leo Reichert Jr.  , Emeritus Member
  • Nongnuj  Tanphaichitr, Emeritus Member
  • Terry  Turner, Emeritus Member
  • Janice Bahr, Emeritus Member
  • Momal Sharif, Trainee Rep
  • Camila Cuéllar, Trainee Rep
  • Humphrey Yao, Board Liaison

Honorees of the SSR Heritage Committee
The following honorees have been specifically chosen by the Heritage Committee to have their career contributions to reproductive biology through leadership, research, teaching, and mentoring of trainees recognized and presented during a formal hour at the annual meetings of the Society.

Heritage Committee Honorees

2005: Andrew Nalbandov
Biosketch: “Andrew V. Nalbandov: a short biography (1912–1986),” John A. Resko.

2006: Cornelia Channing
Biosketch: “Cornelia ‘Nina’ Post Channing (1938–1985),” Neena Schwartz.

2007: Robert M. Melampy
Biosketch: “Robert M. Melampy: first president of the SSR (1909–1984),” Anderson L.L., Day B.N., Ford S.P. Presented by Bill Day.

2008: Gilbert Greenwald
Biosketch: “Gilbert S. Greenwald: mentor and friend (1927–2004),” Reid L. Norman.

2009: Larry L. Ewing
Biosketch: “Larry L. Ewing: a friend and colleague remembered (1936–1990),” Barry R. Zirkin.

2010: Jack Gorski
Biosketch: “Jack Gorski: scholar, mentor, friend (1931–2006),” Fredrick Stormshak.

2011: Lester E. Casida
Biosketch: “The seminal contributions of Lester Earl Casida to reproductive biology: experimental design, interpretation, integrity (1904–1986),” Inskeep K., Cochrane B., Dailey B., Stormshak F. Presented by E. Keith Inskeep.

Richard Blandau2012: Richard Blandau
Biosketch: “Tribute to Professor Richard J. Blandau,” presented by Pedro Verdugo.

Alfred Jost2013: Alfred Jost
Biosketch (not presently available) presented by Nathalie Josso.

E.J. “Chris” Polge2014: E.J. “Chris” Polge
Biosketch (not presently available) presented by Sir Ian Wilmut.

M.C. Chang2015: M.C. Chang
Biosketch: “M.C.Chang: A Short Biography (1908–91),” Ryuzo Yanagimachi.

Anne McLaren2016: Anne McLaren
Biosketch (not presently available) presented by Blanche Capel.

Dr. Phillip J. Dziuk2017: Dr. Phillip J. Dziuk

Dr. William Hansel2018: Dr. William Hansel
Biosketch (not presently available) presented by Joy Pate.

2019: Dr. Neena Schwartz

2021: Dr. Gordon Niswender
Biosketch (not presently available) presented by Terry Nett.

2022: Dr. Virendra Mahesh
Biosketch (not presently available) presented by T. Rajendra Kumar

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee, composed of five or more Members of the Society, shall receive and actively solicit nominations for membership, evaluate these according to guidelines established by the Board of Directors, and approve or decline the applications.


2023-2024 Membership Committee Members

  • Chris  Geyer, Chair
  • Niamh  Forde, Associate Chair
  • Pavla  Brachova
  • Pascale  Chavatte-Palmer
  • Qinglei Li
  • Doan Thao Dinh
  • Lacey Luense
  • Eduardo Gastal
  • Wei Ge
  • Eduardo Ribeiro
  • Dariusz Skarzynski
  • Agnieszka Waclawik
  • Pascale Lybaert
  • Brenda Alexander
  • Shannon Bainbridge-Whiteside
  • Ramakrishna Kommagani
  • Kimberly Benjamin, Trainee Rep
  • Robyn Moses, Trainee Rep
  • Pete Hansen, Board Liaison

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the preparation of a slate of nominees, to be voted upon by mail ballots, for the open positions on the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee shall consist of ten Regular Members, of which three must be Past Presidents of the Society, selected by the Board of Directors with due consideration to representation of different scientific areas of reproductive biology. The Chairperson and the Members of the Committee shall be announced and made known to the Membership of the Society at least five months prior to each election. The Chairperson of the Committee shall be chosen by the President-Elect of the Society from the current Membership of the Committee. A new Chairperson shall be appointed yearly. Members of the Committee, with the exception of the Chairperson, shall not serve on the Nominating Committee for consecutive years.


2023-2024 Nominating Committee Members

  • Stephanie Pangas, Chair
  • Wei Yan, Associate Chair
  • Carol  Bagnell, Past Chair
  • Franco DeMayo
  • Rebecca Robker
  • Hugh Clarke
  • Asgerelly Fazleabas
  • Janice Bailey
  • Carmen Wiliams
  • Jennifer Wood, Board Liaison

Program Committee

The Program Committee, composed of ten or more Members of the Society, shall be responsible for arranging programs for the scientific meetings of the Society. The Committee shall select scientific topics or themes for presentation and select speakers, establish procedures to review abstracts, review abstracts, and prepare a program structure. It shall advertise the meetings and integrate its activities with the Local Arrangements Committee.The Committee shall evaluate past programs, assess the feasibility of alterations in program structure, and make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors


Public Affairs Committee

​The Public Affairs Committee, composed of five or more members of the Society, shall review those issues emanating from the public or government that are of concern to the Society, and shall recommend to the Board of Directors positions for the Society to take on each issue. The Committee shall be responsible for the preparation and dissemination of public pronouncements and information, and for publishing the SSR Newsletter. The Committee shall also make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the organizational structure and function of the Society's Public Affairs Program.

For additional information, please visit the ​Reproductive Science & Policy Resources pages.

Research and Public Policy
On August 23, 2018, Dr. Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) made an urgent and critical report to the U.S. Senate. In it he outlined the following issues and steps towards mitigation of serious threats to our biomedical research enterprise, peer review, grant applications and progress reports, intellectual property assessment management and protections of confidentiality in reports. View Dr. Collins' letter here.


2023-2024 Public Affairs Committee Members

  • Ewelina  Bolcun-Filas , Chair
  • Jennifer McKey, Associate Chair
  • John Bromfield, Past Chair
  • Rafael Bisinotto
  • Annie E  Newell-Fugate
  • Dave Albertini
  • Soumen Paul
  • Heewon Seo
  • Alex Snider
  • Kenichiro Taniguchi
  • Xiaoqiu (Churchill) Wang
  • Thorold Theunissen
  • Priyasha Bhatt
  • Miranda Bernhardt
  • Heather Hamlin
  • Philip Jordan
  • Patricia Morris
  • Shweta Dipali, Trainee Rep
  • Sissy Wamaitha, Trainee Rep
  • Jodi Flaws, Board Liaison

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee, composed of five or more Members of the Society, shall be responsible for the management and oversight of all publications of the Society. The Committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors candidates for the editorial leadership. It will make recommendations regarding editorial policy and fiscal matters related to publications.

Resource Documents Resource Websites

2023-2024 Publications Committee Members

  • Andree Gauthier-Fisher, Ethics Consultant
  • John  Davis, Chair
  • Janice Evans, Vice-Chair
  • Shannon Whirledge, Past Chair
  • Pierre Commozoli
  • Shawn Chavez
  • Jeremy Egbert
  • Indrajit Chowdhury
  • Alvaro Guerra-Garcia
  • Sue Hammoud
  • Serge McGraw
  • Lynda  McGinnis
  • Martha Sofia Ortego Obando
  • Maria Viveiros
  • Tomer Avidor-Reiss
  • Mary Ann Handel, Consultant
  • Wonmi So, Trainee Rep
  • Stephanie Tanis, Trainee Rep
  • Jen Wood, Board Liaison

Trainee Affairs Committee

The Trainee Affairs Committee is concerned with planning and coordination of those SSR activities that focus on trainee development. The Committee is made up of trainee members, faculty advisors, and two trainee-elected Trainee Representatives who serve on the Board of Directors as ex officio members and who are responsible for channeling the concerns and viewpoints of the Trainee Membership to the Board. Among the activities that fall within the scope of the Trainee Affairs Committee are the Trainee Forum, distribution of travel awards, placement service, and the Trainee–Mentor Luncheon at the Annual Meeting.

For more information, please visit the ​Trainee Affairs web page.


2023-2024 Trainee Affairs Committee Members

Trainee Affairs Committee 

  • Jacinta Martin, BoD (Chair)/Program (ex-offico)
  • Alison Ermisch, BoD (Co-Chair)
  • Cecilia Constantino Rocha, Bylaws
  • Leah Simon, Bylaws
  • Mary Ali Oliver, Development
  • Mariana Sponchiado, Development
  • Amy Flowers, Diversity
  • Ryan Marquardt, Diversity
  • Camila Cuéllar, Heritage
  • Momal Sharif, Heritage
  • Kimberly Benjamin, Membership
  • Robyn Moses, Membership
  • Mackenzie Dickson, Program
  • Savannah Speckhart, Program
  • Shweta Dipali, Public Affairs
  • Sissy Wamaitha, Public Affairs
  • Wonmi So, Publications
  • Stephanie Tanis, Publications
  • Chandlar Kern, Trainee Volunteer Subcommittee
  • Natalie Trigg, Trainee Volunteer Subcommittee
  • Zian Liao, Virtual Education
  • Genna Moldovan, Virtual Education
  • Adriana Alexander, WinRS

Former Trainee Representatives

Term Representatives
2021-2022 Andrew Kelleher Taylor Pini
2020-2021 Rachel West Andrew Kelleher
2019-2020 Ashley George Rachel West
2018-2019 Erica Schoeller Ashley George 
2017-2018 Jitu George  Erica Schoeller
2016–2017 Patrick R. Hannon Jitu George
2015–2016 Jenna Haverfield Patrick R. Hannon
2014–2015 Annie Newell-Fugate Jenna Haverfield
2013–2014 Anthony McNeel Annie Newell-Fugate
2012–2013 Zelieann Craig Anthony McNeel
2011–2012 Tracy M. Clement Zelieann Craig
2010–2011 Denise Archambeault Tracy M. Clement
2009–2010 Chrissy Cochran Denise Archambeault
2008–2009 Rebecca Bott Chrissy Cochran
2007–2008 Rita Vassena Rebecca Bott
2006–2007 O.U. Bolden-Tiller Rita Vassena
2005–2006 K. Barnett O.U. Bolden-Tiller
2004–2005 U. Salli K. Barnett
2003–2004 J.M. Bowen-Shauver U. Salli
2002–2003 K. Thompson J.M. Bowen-Shauver
2001–2002 L. Clamon K. Thompson
2000–2001 L. Howell-Skalla L. Clamon
1999–2000 C.L. Chaffin L. Howell-Skalla
1998–1999 A.L. Way C.L. Chaffin
1997–1998 C. Morrey A.L. Way
1996–1997 L. Janulis C. Morrey
1995–1996 T. Goetz L. Janulis
1994–1995 J.A. Flaws T. Goetz
1993–1994 J. Manning J.A. Flaws
1992–1993 S. Moenter J. Manning
1991–1992 C. Nolan S. Moenter
1990–1991 T. McShane C. Nolan
1989–1990 J. Lamsa T. McShane
1988–1989 A.M. Miller J. Lamsa
1987–1988 J.H. Killen A.M. Miller
1986–1987 D. Kettleberger J.H. Killen
1985–1986 S.S. Palmer D. Kettleberger
1984–1985 D.H. Canney S.S. Palmer
1983–1984 T.L. Anderson D.H. Canney
1982–1983 P.J. Thomford T.L. Anderson
1981–1982 D.L. Vincent P.J. Thomford
1979–1980 J.Y. Browning D.R. Deaver
1978–1979 W.B. Wehrenberg J.Y. Browning
1977–1978 S. Silavin W.B. Wehrenberg
1976–1977 H.E. Grotjan S. Silavin

Women in Reproductive Sciences (WinRS) Committee

WinRS is a grassroots initiative amongst the female SSR membership to support the professional development and advancement of trainee, associate, and regular female members within the Society. Launched at the 2015 SSR Annual Meeting, WinRS members have established a Facebook page and Twitter presence in addition to sharing ideas and publications relating to the challenges of professional women working in academic and medical disciplines. Active committee members have engaged in nominating women for SSR Awards, as well as Board and Executive positions. All SSR Members are welcome to join! You may contact us at ssrwinrs@gmail.com 


2023-2024 Women in Reproductive Sciences (WinRS) Committee

  • Karen Schindler, Chair
  • Lynda Harris, Associate Chair
  • Virgina Savy , Trainee Associate Chair
  • Olga Bolden-Tiller
  • Paula Cohen
  • Arunika Das
  • Kate  Grive
  • Helen McNeill
  • Alina Maloyan
  • Katja Teerds
  • Claudia Baumann
  • Marisa Bartolomei
  • Jeanne Rawls
  • Elle Roberson
  • John Schjenken
  • Tom Curry
  • Adriana Alexander, Trainee Rep
  • Rocio Rivera, Board Liaison

Virtual Education Committee

The mission of the Virtual Education Committee will be to develop virtual programs that will aid in the education, highlighting the careers of SSR members, bringing technology updates and the latest science. This committee will produce content such as mini symposia, webinars and member interviews that will be available to SSR members. This group will work with the Public Affairs, Program, Diversity, Membership and Heritage committee to develop content. This committee will be an integral part of moving forward with developing virtual content for the Annual meeting.

2023-2024 Virtual Education Committee

  • Barbara Nicol, Chair
  • Victor Ruthig, Vice-Chair
  • Joan Jorgensen, Past Chair
  • Haijun Gao
  • Juliano Coelho da Silveira
  • Jessica Keane
  • Tzu-Wen Cross
  • Andrew Modzelewski
  • Jane Fenelon
  • Manabu Ozawa
  • Mariana Sponchiado
  • Shuo Xiao
  • Fei Zhao
  • Genna Moldovan, Trainee Rep
  • Zian Liao, Trainee Rep
  • Diana Monsivais, Board Liaison