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SSR Member Memorials

The following scientists have either been chosen to be honored by the Heritage Committee for their contributions to reproductive biology and their mentoring of trainees, or passed away and live on through their contributions to reproductive science and the lives of the members they touched.

W.R. Dukelow Ph.D. (1936–2018)

Almquist, John O. (1921–2015)

Amstalden, Marcel (1970–2014)

Armstrong, David T. (1929–2016)

Barraclough, Charles A. (1926–2009)

Bedford, John Michael (1932–2018)

Behrman, Harold R. (1939–2008)

Biggers, John D. (1923–2018)

Butcher, Roy L. (1930–2012)

Carlson, Jack (1939–2004)

Casida, Lester Earl (1904–1986)

  • Heritage Committee biosketch: Inskeep K, Cochrane B, Dailey B, Stormshak F. The seminal contributions of Lester Earl Casida to reproductive biology: experimental design, interpretation, integrity (1904–1986). Society for the Study of Reproduction. (PDF)
  • SSR awards: 1975 Carl G. Hartman Awardee

Chandrashekar, Varadaraj (passed in 2006)

Channing, Cornelia "Nina" Post (1938–1985)

Clermont, Yves (1926–2014)

Concannon, Patrick W. (1941–2015)

Cook, Brian (1933-2022)

Dorrington, Jennifer (passed in 2001)

Dziuk, Philip J. (1926–2015)

Echternkamp, Sherrill (1943–2022)

Enders, Allen C. (1928–2022)

Ewing, Larry L. (1936–1990)

  • Heritage Committee biosketch: Zirkin BR. Larry L. Ewing: a friend and colleague remembered (1936–1990). Society for the Study of Reproduction. (PDF)
  • SSR awards: 1987 SSR Distinguished Service Awardee

Farookhi, Riaz (1944–2013)

First, Neal (1930–2014)

Foote, Robert H. (1922–2008)

Ford, Stephen (1948–2018)

Gagnon, Claude (1950–2012)

Glasser, Stanley (1926–2015)

Gorski, Jack (1931–2006)

Greenwald, Gilbert S. (1927–2004)

Grotjan, H. Edward, Jr. (1947–2013)

Guillette, Louis J. Jr. (1954–2015)

Hansel, William (1918–2017)

Hardy, Matthew P. (1957–2007)

Harper, Michael John Kennedy (1935–2022)

Hecht, Norman B. (1940–2013)

Howard, JoGayle (1951–2011)

Inskeep, Keith (1938–2021)

Jegou, Bernard (1951–2021)

Johnson, Donald C. (1927–2004)

  • BOR memorial: Bast J, Terranova P. In memoriam, Gilbert S. Greenwald, 1927–2004. Biol Reprod 2005; 72(3): 772-773.

Koering, Marilyn J. (1938–2008)

Kroc, Robert L. (1907–2002)

Lane, Michelle (1970–2020)

Lardy, Henry A. (1917–2010)

Leibo, Stanley P. (1937–2014)

MacCalman, Colin (1966–2011)

Meites, Joseph (1913–2005)

Melampy, Robert (1909–1984)

Milvae, Robert "Bob" (1953–2022)

Moger, William H. (1955–2001)

Moss, Stuart  (1950-2021)

Moudgal, N. Raghuveer (1931–2011)

Nalbandov, Andrew (1912–1986)

Niswender, Gordon (1940–2017)

Nteeba, Jackson (1985–2021)

Parker, Keith L. (1954–2008)

Payne, Anita H. (1926–2009)

Robinson, Terence J. (1919–2004)

Rothchild, Irving (1913–2006)

Ryan, Robert J. (1927–2008)

Schwartz, Neena B. (passed in 2018)

Segal, Sheldon J. (1926–2009)

Seidel Jr., George E. (1943-2021)

Short, Roger (1930–2021)

Silvia, William J. (1956–2015)

Steinberger, Emil (1928–2008)

Saiduddin, Syed (1939-2022)

Wildt, David E. (1950–2020)

Wolf, Richard C. (1926–2001)

Woods, Gordon L. (1952–2009)

Yang, Xiangzhong "Jerry" (1959–2009)


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